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If you’re self-conscious about your smile, if your teeth are discoloured, broken or worn or you have gaps, we can help you achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile with our cosmetic dental treatments. Many cosmetic treatments are now minimally invasive and, as a result, relatively inexpensive.

Our treatments include Teeth WhiteningVeneers, Composite Bonding, Dental Implants and Teeth Straightening.



Wedding Fiona 1

"I had always been aware that my teeth were not perfect. This became more of an issue when we decided to get married, because I realised that the photographs would accentuate this.

At Country Dental, Sally encouraged me to consider the teeth whitening programme. The photographic results speak for themselves and gave me the confidence to smile for the camera and enjoy my wedding day."



"Thanks to you I’m no longer embarrassed to smile.  I’m so delighted with the results of your careful and artist bonding treatment.

My new teeth look natural and feel natural too.

Thank you very much Sally and Sal."



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