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Composite Bonding

The easy way to restore your teeth and regain your smile!

Composite Bonding is a particularly useful technique for cases where erosion, abrasion and attrition have taken place and further tooth preparation is inadvisable. It’s minimally invasive and often involves little or no preparation.

Composite Bonding 1
Composite Bonding 2

If you’ve got unsightly spaces between your teeth; if you want to restore teeth that are broken down, worn or eroded; if you have decayed teeth you need to have restored – then Composite Bonding could well be the answer for you.

We use several types of white filling material in the practice to restore teeth. We build the composite up in layers, so that we can shape the teeth effectively. We then polish them to a high gloss.

Another advantage of Composite Bonding is that it can mask tooth wear and discolouration.

Composite Bonding 3
Composite Bonding 4

Composite can also be used to reduce unsightly gaps between teeth.

Composite Bonding 5
Composite Bonding 6


Composit Bonding-J Smith

"I want to thank you for all the care and advice you have given me with regard to my teeth. I've always been conscious that, though they were not “bad”, they were less than perfect.


After years of dentistry that saw my teeth being filled, crowned and removed, my mouth was a bit of a battle ground. So, it was a relief to be able to speak to you about any options to improve the appearance of them.


I fully expected, at the age of 66 to be told that it was all a bit late! We started with Zoom whitening which worked very well with the unfilled teeth, but did expose the sad truth about some of the others.


Then, after discussion, we decided to go ahead with composite bonding on my upper front teeth. At last I can smile for the camera....and I find myself flashing my new smile with increasing confidence.


I'm now in the middle of having my crowns on some molars replaced. Because my grin has got wider I could see that these 30 years old crowns were somewhat shabby!


Sally, you have been gentle, caring and so patient. I can't thank you enough, but I can give you lots of care-free smiles!"