Amalgam removal

Do you want your old, discoloured silver amalgam fillings removed? We can help.


    We are a mercury-free dental practice, which means we do not use any amalgam fillings. We do, however, offer elective amalgam removal. 

    At Country Dental & Implant Clinic we have adopted a strict protocol for all amalgam treatments and follow the guidelines set down by the IAOMT. We use a specialised scavenging system called Dental HG Flex Vac, which specifically removes any mercury vapour released on amalgam removal. The system also removes airborne viruses and bacteria, plating agents and many other particles. Our machine has a flexible vent hose which is placed close to the patient’s mouth and removes vapours directly away from the source of contamination.

      What our patients think...

      "Sally has been my dentist ever since I was privately diagnosed with mercury poisoning. I was desperate to get help for this, via my GP, but to no avail. To say I was unwell was an understatement. However, after sourcing information re: this condition, I looked for a holistic care dentist and finally found Sally from the Country Dental Practice. 

      ‘She listened to my problem with sympathy and understanding and agreed to help me. After a lengthy detox to allow me to be well enough to undergo amalgam removal, Sally very carefully removed my fillings with intervals of months between each removal. When doing this she was extremely careful not to compromise my well-being, along with her own and her assistant. She used rubber mouth dams & a strict protocol to protect me in case more mercury was released during the procedure. Whilst this took place, all doors were opened to allow fresh air to circulate around us to minimise any toxic risk. 

      With the continual help of my homeopathic practitioner, my nutritionist and Sally, from Country Dental Practice, I am now very healthy. I was in despair prior to meeting Sally and am now well again and will always be extremely grateful to her for her help and understanding.’" - MRS P WILLIS

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