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Gum Disease

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Dental Hygienist

Keep your teeth and gums healthy!
At Country Dental, we have a team of hygienists who can help.

A key to fresh breath and a dazzling smile! Regular visits to the hygienist will prevent gum disease and poor health.

Gum disease signs:

Bleeding gums

Bad breath

Loose teeth

Gum infections

Our dental hygienists offer:

Regular scale and polish

Enhanced ‘Sparkle’ clean with an air polisher

Preventative oral hygiene advice and treatments

Gum disease treatments

Teeth whitening

What is air polishing?
A specialised nozzle sprays fine wet powder onto the teeth to remove staining and plaque. It’s useful for combating the stains on your teeth from nicotine, red wine, tea and coffee. The result is a brighter smile.

Patients from other practices are welcome to use our hygienist services.



“I had been going to a local dentist for a few years and was told that I required periodontal (gum) treatment. I had the treatment (costing £600) but within a year, the dentist said I would have to repeat the treatment.


I wasn’t happy with this, so on the advice of a friend, I changed my dentist to Country Dental. There, I was given extensive advice on how to look after my teeth each day and encouraged to get on top of the problem myself.


Subsequently, my oral hygiene habits have changed for the better and I have not needed any further periodontal treatment. I now just attend for my regular maintenance check-ups and I couldn’t be happier.”