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Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

Missing teeth?
A fixed solution!

Fill your gaps with fixed teeth

  • They can really improve smile confidence
  • Implants can give up to 90% function compared to natural teeth (dentures usually give about 10% function)
  • They allow you to eat a wide range of foods
  • Implants can feel and look like natural teeth
  • They help preserve your bone levels and aid facial support
  • Implants do not need to rely on adjacent teeth for support.

Single tooth implants

Fixed teeth in a day!

Complete replacement of teeth in one of your dental arches.

In the morning:

Come in and have your remaining teeth removed in one arch.

Implants placed.

We then make up a fixed bridge fabricated by the technician.

In the afternoon:

Your fixed bridge is screwed in place.


You leave with fixed instant teeth - no gaps!

Come and see Rosh for an implant consultation to see if you are suitable.

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Rosh Valiyamannil is qualified as both an Oral Surgeon and an Implant Surgeon, with further training in sedation techniques.

Rosh will be delighted to explain your implant options at your initial consultation.

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“I had two fractured teeth which had to be removed and I had a problem because they tell me I have a gagging reflex that makes dentures out of the question.  


I managed without anything for a while, but I felt so self-conscious that in the end, I knew I had to do something. You suggested that implants would be very suitable for my situation and once I’d thought about it, I reckoned I should do it.


The treatment was trouble free and once it was all done, I couldn’t get over how much better I looked. I’m truly delighted with the result and I think you did a wonderful job for me.”



“Having implants is the best thing I have ever done.  I now have confidence in smiling, which I haven’t done for years. What a great team!”