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Holistic Dental Care

Whole body dentistry - it could help you improve your systemic health.

At Country Dental, we feel that an holistic approach to patient care is important.

Holistic dentistry involves taking into account the health of the whole person in planning dental care and not just concentrating on individual teeth.

At your first visit, we will ask you to complete a comprehensive medical history form. We’ll also ask you questions about your past and present medical and dental history and your general health. This helps us to provide comprehensive care, tailored specifically to your needs.

There is now increasing evidence to show that various disease processes in the mouth, such as abscesses and failed root canal treatment, can cause illnesses elsewhere in the body.

Gum disease can increase a patient’s risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Likewise, systemic illness, such as bowel disease, diabetes and leukaemia, can present as an oral manifestation.

During a routine examination, we check for decay, gum disease, mouth cancer, infection and signs of systemic disease.

We also check your occlusion (bite) for conditions that may lead to jaw problems and headaches.

For some patients, a bite splint may need to be fitted or a bite adjustment made. In some instances, it may be necessary to make a referral for treatment to a colleague such as a physiotherapist or acupuncturist.

We have chosen not to use mercury amalgam in the practice, preferring instead to use alternative materials.

There is now a large range of biocompatible restorative materials that we use at Country Dental.

These include composite filling materials, porcelain, zirconium glass and precious metals.  On certain occasions we also use homeopathic and naturopathic products as an adjunct to dental treatment.

We undertake dental amalgam removals. Amalgam is removed under controlled conditions to reduce mercury vapour release.


A lovely practice. Friendly and helpful staff! From my first whitening consultation to my final whitening appointment! I’m so pleased with my results and the experience was relaxed and their website proclaimed them to be very understanding of anxious patients and trained in homeopathy, ……bingo!


Sally, was wonderfully gentle and kind, she has a knowledge skill and confidence that naturally afford trust and allow one total relaxation.


Having decided on a course of action she placed me in the care of her colleague Chris Shaw whom she suggested was not only a very good dentist but had a charming chair side manner... The latter was evident immediately, and after the last year of treatment including extraction, root canal and complete amalgam removal with him I can most certainly confirm the former.


I have had exemplary treatment with the greatest of care and attention to detail and have always been right there at the end of the phone whenever I've had any questions or concerns.


Country Dental is like family to us, myself and my partner, whom is also a patient, regularly recommend them without a single hesitation whatsoever, 11 out of 10!!!!