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Teeth Straightening

Let our near-invisible teeth straightening techniques change how you look

Are you unhappy with your smile?  Does the alignment of your teeth bother you? Perhaps they weren’t straightened as a child? Or perhaps they went back out of shape once your childhood braces came off?

We use quick, simple techniques to align your teeth and give you a beautiful smile. At Country Dental, we offer:

Clear, almost invisible, removable aligners


Fixed tooth-coloured braces.

Teeth Straightening-Fixed Braces


Teeth Straightening-Kate

"4 years ago, I asked Sally whether I had any teeth-straightening options.  I think that at the back of my mind I suspected I was too old!  I went on to have an in-depth consultation with her before embarking on a tailored treatment plan to have fixed metal braces. 


As the treatment got underway, I saw Sally and Sal on a monthly basis and was kept informed throughout.  Eight months later, to schedule, my braces were taken off!   How had it been?


I had some mild discomfort when adjusting to the new bite alignment, but the process was painless and my teeth were successfully straightened.  With the home whitening treatment to finish them off, the result was exactly what I had wanted.


Subsequently, I had a thin piece of wire attached to the front set of teeth to prevent movement and reshaping.  I also used a transparent retainer a few times a week at night for a couple of years to assist with them settling.


Four years on my teeth remain perfectly positioned and I would thoroughly recommend Country Dental’s work.” 



“After 9 years of fearing going to the dentist, I knew I could no longer postpone the treatment I needed. Country Dental was recommended to me on numerous occasions, but I kept putting it off. However, I eventually plucked up the courage. I was absolutely overwhelmed from the start by the compassion and care given to me throughout my treatment. Anxiety about going to the dentist is now a thing of the past!


Once my treatment was up to date, I considered cosmetic dentistry had achieved the smile I had always dreamt of. Sal spoke to me about the options available, and put my mind at ease about what to expect at every stage of my treatment.


I chose to have the Six Month Smiles, a course of whitening and some final touches with cosmetic bonding. Sally was amazing and informative though my treatment: the end result was better than I ever expected.


I cannot recommend Country Dental highly enough. From start to finish I felt valued, and the confidence my teeth have given me is amazing. Thank you so much!”


Hythe Hairdresser